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A result-oriented approach is my main focus and I have the knowledge and experience in creating and designing successful and measurable online user experiences.

My skills

User Interface Design ( 85% )

User Experience ( 75% )

Concept and Art Direction ( 85% )

Who I am

Born in South America, I came to Belgium several years ago, fell in love and, after starting a marvelous family, I’ve finally called this place “home”. Passionate about my work, I’ve discovered design as the best way to express my creativity. I have also a background in Advertising and Interactive Communication.

With more than 10 years of experience, I started my own company, working for some of the finest agencies in Belgium and providing design and online experiences to many European and global brands. More passionate than “virtuoso”, I believe that the good average for a successful project is, as Edison said, is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.

My specialties: Interactive communication, user interface design, user experience, on-line advertising, art direction on interactive media, design team management …


of advertising is experience


Passionate, self-motivated and creative, I have a strong grasp of the long-term, big picture whilst still focusing on the smaller details. As a client-centric team player, I invest the energy it takes to satisfactorily deliver projects in time and on budget.

Discover the idea

Everything begins with an idea, a vision. As there’s not an “I want an idea now!” key on my keyboard I listen to your needs, I brainstorm alone or with you or your team and I think about concepts and strategies. As there’s not just one way to find an idea, I shake my world for inspiration.

Designing the experience

As my work is building brands online, I do not propose just a website or an interface design to clients. I propose an experience, a digital experience involving and engaging customers with your brand. The future of advertising is experience.

The project comes alive

Once we have answered the question “what” it’s now time to think about “how”. I bring that idea to life, giving it a high visual impact, a personality that can inspire customers. To differentiate yourself from your competitors is in the details and I think about those details.

Creating content

I define and produce fresh and innovative content as a way to engage customers with your brand. Delivering high quality design content is a key factor to maintain the online brand experience on the top of the mind of your customer.


yourself from your competitors is in the details

Contact Details

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33 Avenue du Bourgmestre Jean Neybergh
1090 Brussels - Belguim

(+32) 477 78 77 70

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